Meditation on wood

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The word with which we have chosen to define our artistic activity derives from the Celtic term used to gave name at the ancient board games.
Its sense "Reflection on wood" meant testing oneself, looking for the right strategy for play at the boardgames.
A concept that was well suited to our initial work, which was mainly focused on the reconstruction of those ancient diversions.
Meanwhile new needs hare brought up and, with them, was born the need to get closer with the working techniques of the past.
We began trying to use and to reconstruct, with increasing effectiveness, the ancient methods of work used in the carpentry of our ancestors.
Our experience has focused on the manual processing of wood using traditional tools, a task that we have pursued with passion trying to join a genuine "knowledge of the hands" with continuous comparison of different realities of the past and the study of multiple historical sources.

For this reason, the term "Meditation on wood" that still describes us, has taken on, today, a deeper meaning for us...